Our Brands

All the top brands under a single roof
Every brand speaks a story, a story that’s based on creativity and innovation. At BakersVille, we proudly identify ourselves as an umbrella brand ‘BakersVille’, with all our sub-brands rightly categorized for better understanding of products and concepts. Being an innovative company, we thrive for perfection in terms of our brands with each holding its own product category.
Our brands are unique in their own way. The range of brands caters to all your needs, right from basic ingredients to the most exclusive decorative material and tools.

“The impeccable range for finest creation.”

FineDecor segments all crafting tools and devices that facilitate exclusive art. FineDecor was evolved with an ambitious perspective to shape the quality ingredients of BakersVille in a most modern and magnificent way. This covers the tools, equipment, cutters and many more exclusive ranges to create something extraordinary.

The experts of baking industry put it as, “Your artistic touch creates miracles.”

New tools, new applications – Innovation!

“A synonym of your exquisite desire of chocolate.”

Chocoville is a trusted segment that aims to include the best and select products under its name. It’s something very close to your desire for good taste. Chocoville covers chocolate-based quality products satisfying taste consciousness. Rich cocoa from the best places of the world enhances the feel and creates unmatchable finished products.

“The Perfect & premium solution for your cake and baking needs.”

Food Decor Shop (FDS) is an exclusive and leading chain of retail outlets which showcase beautiful and quality products of BakersVille India Pvt Ltd in the Indian subcontinent. These stores are well-equipped with vast range of cake decoration, chocolate, baking and quality ingredients products and provide bakery education through periodic demonstration in allied kitchen. These stores aim to multiply in the coming years.

"Purity at its best."

Purix is a trustworthy name from the house of BakersVille due to the pure ingredients used for manufacturing all the products under the name. Purix manufacturing is based upon the world class R&D and thorough analysis of the best ingredients in the Asian continent. This segment caters to all classes of bakers and confectioners for their regular fast moving finished products. It also contains a lot of food additives, premixes and innovative products for bakery and ice cream segment.

“Learn the changing modern trend of cake and bake.”

Baking and chocolate-making are highly sophisticated skills that require a certain level of professional training, without which one cannot attain precision. With an intention to help individuals enhance their bakery skills further, the Institute of Food Kraft offers world class professional training on various aspects of cake, chocolate and baking right from cake-making to chocolate-preparation. The training is conducted by a team of expert executive chefs at BakersVille. As a result, everything you learn is held by a strong foundation.

“Imaginative beauty appearing alive.”

Pic-Licks offers a variety of edible photogenic, 3D characters and pretty cake tops that rightly complement a birthday cake. Manufacture all our products with the busy decorator in mind – achieve beautiful, trend-forward desserts in less decorating time.

A cake with an innovative design, characters and cake-top turns out to be a perfect part of celebration. Whether you're developing a custom product with us or choosing from our library of popular designs, all products are created to be relevant solutions that are affordable and easily executed.

“A perfect blend of fruit, flavour and texture.”

Fruit flavours are meant to add a delicious fruity touch to your cakes and pastries. Without the right flavours, creations are always incomplete. However, not any type of flavour can rightly complement your creations. Products offered by Fruit Bell are the preferred choice of consumers and produce the most desired taste.

“An awesome feel of nature.”

Lezzet flavours are the best suited natural identical flavours that create miracles in finished products. For the taste-conscious client segment, Lezzet plays an important role in setting the benchmark of a perfect aroma and taste satisfaction. It contains various flavours belonging to fruits and others. A wide range has been produced to cater to the different needs, occasions and taste buds. The variety of oil soluble and water soluble flavours fulfils the requirements of each and every segment of food industry.

“An exotic natural taste with a Belgian touch.”

Belgium Flavours add a natural taste to dark and white chocolates. The flavouring agent is much stronger than other oil-based extracts available in the market. As a result, they are highly preferred by industry experts.

Belgium Flavours are innovative products confined to high sophisticated taste lovers, having several range of quality flavours. Belgium Flavours are oil soluble products and relate very much with the chocolate trends of Belgium. The sense and aroma appears after the taste is beyond the expression.

“Add the most beautiful final touches to your desserts.”

Glint offers the finest range of products meant to complement your creations with sparkly decoration. These add a professional touch and enhance the overall appearance of the delicacy it is being used in. Glint gives your cakes and desserts a pearl-finish, thereby making them look more tempting. The decoration work added by a chef can have immense innovation and many approaches depending upon the idea of the chef.

“Add colour and make your desserts look more vibrant.”

Colourmist offers a variety of dry colours, liquid colours, spray colours, paste colours and highly concentrated colours food products. These colours are completely edible and can be used in almost all kinds of bakery products such as cookies, chocolates, cakes, ice-creams, donuts and several other desserts.

Colourmist, a synonym of rich and high specialty, is a key brand of BakersVille offering value added products for bakery, confectionery, chocolate and ice-cream segments. The company expertly formulates food colours in any shade, quality-tested for many food types.

“Turn your cakes and bakes into professional artwork.”

Preparing professional-looking cakes isn’t easy. It requires a certain level of creativity and precision. Adding up to the complexity is the task of selecting the right colour and coating. FooDecor Professionals simplifies your task with an extensive range of decorative laces, transfer sheets, decorative moulds and much more.

“Edible decorations creating the ‘wow’ effect.”

Add instant happiness to your yummy treats! Wow confetti is a small beautiful decoration which is set on cake, ice cream or desserts for the best ever beauty. These decorations transform simple beauty into extraordinary one. The colourful and artistic approach makes an unforgettable impression. Confetti is decorated as per the colour combination of ingredients and dressing of the desserts. Apart from the beautiful look, this confetti is silky sweeter in taste.

“Magnificent and flamboyant class of products.”

Colour Glo is a specific segment for cake, baking and chocolate decoration. Colour Glo, as the name suggests, brings rich and impeccable beauty to the products, finished or unfinished. This segment consists of spray-based, liquid-based and dry colour-based products which fulfil the requirements of the chef as per the choices. This is a niche segment preferred by executive chefs and professional bakers to utilize in a precise way.

Our expertise in colours and advanced technological innovation are translated into our extensive range of products. Our colour collections are expertly crafted by our team, providing combinations that match every desire or spark just the right inspiration to create your own style.

We summarize it in a simple, but powerful call to action: Let’s Colour!

“The excellence of professional baking.”

BakersVeggie segment contains all the products which are completely egg free. The recipe for success is a reliable baking process, consistent quality and cost-optimised recipes. It is about understanding the consumer, being creative, providing an extraordinary eating experience and exceeding expectations. Therefore by expanding vegetarian range of products, huge focus has been given towards quality and high shelf life. After the use of BakersVeggie range, finished products also become tastier and healthier.

“Real, Pure & Natural extract from Nature.”

Natureale is a natural brand from the house of BakersVille. This product segment covers pure and naturally originated products that are finely packed. These products are very different from synthetic ones. Customers always prefer natural over synthetic and are therefore happy to have extracts, flavours and oils as an additive to their creations.

“Standard mixes for icing and desserts.”

BakersWhip is a quality brand covering icing and dessert mix products for retail and institutional bakers. A lot of innovation has been added in this segment in the form of dessert mixes which are very recent for the Indian market. From the customer’s point of view, being vegetarian (egg and gelatin free) is the trustworthiness of this brand. All the products are well-prepared with technical guidance and other instructions.

“Beautify your cakes and desserts with a metallic finish.”

Meta Glo adds a metallic beauty to your cake icing. These textures offer a stunning effect to your creations, thereby making them come alive. Meta Glo is best suited for several types of cakes and desserts, Bengali sweets, ice creams, sugar pastes and various other creamy items.

Transforms plain cakes into bright masterpieces!

“Guidance for the entire range of food concepts by experts.”

BakersVille Publications has maintained expert guidance in the form of decorative books which are full of innovative ideas, concepts and newly invented designs. This is an in-house machinery of the company which aims to print, provide and publish innovative ideas, current events, and information to the Indian bakery industry.

“The finest way to your photo cake.”

Cake Image provides the complete range of solutions pertaining to photo cakes. Cake Image covers all the accessories products required from the printing to the maintenance of printers. Seamless patterns are provided that can be printed on edible sheets to apply to cakes and other desserts. This brand offers trustworthy solutions to bakers for their customized requirements. All single accessories in the kit are of best quality and are equipped with tutorials for understanding the entire process.